About Vic Cric

The Concept

Vic Cric provides cricket coaching, football coaching and Soccer coaching to boys and girls aged between four and twelve, in the areas of skill development and game knowledge in some of the world’s great games.

Vic Cric multi sports coaching team runs cricket clinics, Football clinics and Soccer clinics in numerous locations around Melbourne.

Founded in 1993 Vic Cric is winning widespread support from parents and participants alike. These parents and children have appreciated that it is fun, organised and skill based programs with great coaches that matter, with low participant to coach ratios and not clinics that are based on giveaways, big name coaches and are based on mass marketing and turn over.


There was a perceived need for younger people (4-12 years) to be able to learn the skills of cricket in a friendly caring environment. Nothing was available to them.

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The first Vic Cric Clinic (under the banner of Kiddies Cricket) was held at the Ascot Vale Primary School from October - December of 1993. Founded by Carlton Football Club premiership player Ian Aitken, it attracted 35 budding young cricketers of varying ages between 4 & 12 years of age.

The second clinic (February - March 1994) attracted more than double the first intake. Soon after the outstanding success of these first two clinics, Mike Bishop joined Ian Aitken as partners & co-directors of Vic Cric, both having extensive experience in the areas of sport & communication. Due to an overwhelming demand Vic Cric in 2001 commenced our Football clinics and Soccer clinics, which have attracted a strong following over the last 10 years.

Vic Cric cricket coaching clinics are conducted Terms 1 and 4 each year and Vic Cric Football (Aussie Rules) coaching clinics (Vic Footy) and Vic Cric Soccer clinics (Super Soccer Skills) are both run in terms 2 and 3 each year.


Stated Philosophy

The aim of Vic Cric clinics is to give younger boys and girls the opportunity to participate in an activity usually afforded older children. Vic Cric participants will improve their hand/eye co-ordination, motor/ball skills, & enjoy valuable social interaction with kids their own age thereby enhancing their self esteem, in a non-competitive and friendly environment.

Vic Cric Strives

To make the junior Cricket, Aussie Rules and Soccer experience as exciting and enjoyable as it can be. This encourages the participants in Vic Cricket, Vic Football and Vic Soccer coaching clinics to continue to play these sports throughout their adolescent / teenage years as they have gained the skills to allow them to enjoy each game with confidence.

Vic Cric believes in


Always positive. We treat our kids with respect & we hope that they respect us, and that their parents love what we do. All parents are looking for guidance & continuity in their kids lives & for most Saturday morning can't come around quickly enough. (especially some single parents)


Encouraging participants to be good sports at all time a good catch etc is applauded not sledged. When a mistake is made - NO SLEDGING IS ACCEPTED, in extreme cases the sledger sits out.

Encouragement at all times is the motto we live by.


Safety is a key issue with activities involving younger people .Vic Cric provides a caring, safe environment for its young Cricket, AFL and Soccer players and uses balls appropriate to size and age.